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S196N Clegg hammer, impact soil test

( Soil )

  • ASTM D5874-02

High quality genuine Clegg Impact Soil Tester manufactured under license to Dr. Clegg Pty Ltd (the original inventors). This apparatus is used to obtain an indication of the degree of compaction of soil.

Recorded valves can be directly correlated to the CBR test method. User can quickly enable/disable the readout unit to calculate the 4th drop % CBR following Dr. Clegg’s revised and updated equation with inter-drop CIV check TREND algorithm.

Main features:

  • Well-proven and stable components.
  • Easy to use, no set-up is required.
  • Back lit highly readable alpha numeric display.
  • Optionally fitted Bluetooth with PC Software to allow data transfer of CIV, %CBR, time and data of up to 10000 drop tests.

Lightweight and sturdy aluminum framed transit and storage case is provided.

Dimensions: 710x130x130 mm
Weight: 6.2 kg approx.

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Clegg impact soil test

  • ASTM D5874-02