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C098N Autotec - Two channels control unit, automatic

( Concrete )

This High quality mixer guarantees excellent mixing results particularly using the smallest quantities of material.
High level mixing performances for both mortar and concrete (mixtures up to a grain size of 16mm)
Quick and practical drainage through a valve placed in the base of the drum.
Very long lifespan thanks to a solid and robust construction.

  • Pan capacity: 100 litres
  • Mixing amount: max. 60 litres
  • Pan dimension: Ø 642x310 mm

Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1ph
Dimensions: 675x825x1215 mm
Weight: 162 kg approx.

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  • 2 analogue-digital channels connectable to two different compression/flexure frames.
  • Simple and immediate set up of the parameters and test execution, menu driven. Secialised staff is not required.
  • Rapid approaching, touching on and breaking of the specimen under direct pump control
  • Automatic control of the pace rate
  • Continue load display.
  • Breaking load detection.
  • Automatic elaboration of the specific resistance value.
  • Permanent file up to 1000 tests and file of 100 different types of specimens.
  • Graphic display with high resolution: 192x64 pixels.
  • Selectable measuring force: kN, lb
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Turkish.
  • Class: 0,5% starting from 10% of maximum value, on request from 1% of maximum value.


  • Acquisition and data processing system at 24 bit, effective resolution: 17 bit -
  • Operator interface composed by 5 multi-functions pushbuttons; function icons shown on the display.
  • The two analogue-digital channels accept sensors, transducers or load cells at 2mV/V
  • Automatic linearity guided algorithm with very high granted accuracy (Class 0,5)
  • Different programmable safety devices for the machine or the specimen as the possibility to introduce a percentage of the maximum value reached during the text execution, thermal protection of the motor and different other settable alarms.
  • The firmware contains a memory of the most used specimens: area, weight, specific weight.
  • Possibility of personalisation for special sized samples.
  • RS232 interface: it allows transferring the data during the test or the test results directly to PC (via Microsoft Hyperterminal) or the remote control of the system by the UTM2 software (accessory)