Test Standard Category



It can be used with a MATEST high stability frame 2000 or 3000 or 5000 kN capacity, coupled to the automatic servo-controlled system “Servo-Plus Evolution” (mod. C104N) housed in a separate pyramidal frame.

The appliance includes:

Hydraulic system
It is an hydraulic installation and has a high performance valve directly controlled by the digital unit that grants the automatic control of the pace rate increasing the load, keeps a certain load and than controls the pace rate decreasing the load.

Electronic measuring system
The high performance control and data processing unit controlled by a 32 bit microprocessor, can manage up to 8 high resolution channels for the control of load cells or transducers with strain gages bridge.

Data acquisition and processing UTMII software - License for elastic modulus on concrete
The software has been developed on the working line of the software UTMII (Windows menu). It contains the profiles of the main Standards used, but the user can modify as he likes and personalize the test profile that will be carried out in a completely automatic way by the testing machine.
The software allows to determine both the initial and stabilized secant modulus of elasticity as requested by EN 12390-13 Standard.