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C104-03N Servo Research Control Unit

( Concrete )

  • EN 14488-3
  • EN 14488-5
  • EN 14651
  • ASTM C1609
  • ASTM C1018
  • ASTM C1550
  • UNI 11039-2

The High Performances Servo-plus Servo-strain Control Unit allows to perform tests in load, displacement and strain rate control.
In addition to the common standard tests, which are already included in the control unit firmware, customized ramp sequences can be set from the user, measuring and displaying load, stress, displacement and strain related graphs.

It features a servo-controlled proportional valve which allows to promptly react to sudden drops of specimen resistance, keeping all the test parameters set by the user, and high-resolution channels allow to describe accurately the specimen behavior during such drops.

The possibility to pre-set different sampling frequencies at desired thresholds during the tests, makes possible to avoid the post processing phase where customers filter and reduce the number of data where high sampling frequency is not needed, that is when specimen behavior is almost constant.
This control unit is suitable also for dynamic tests, at low frequencies up to 0.1 Hz.
All these possibilities make this control unit the best choice for research laboratories that need to perform tests not yet described by any standard.

The control unit is supplied without a PC and printer, to be ordered separately.


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