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C104N Servo-Plus Progress- Eight channels control unit, automatic

( Concrete Aggregates-Rocks )

Eight channels servo-controlled unit, supplied with the licenses for the fully automatic execution of the following tests:

  • COMPRESSION on Concrete
  • FLEXURAL on Concrete
  • SPLITTING TEST on cylinders and concrete cubes
  • COMPRESSION on mortar
  • FLEXURAL on mortar

In accordance to the main standards: UNI EN, ASTM, BS, NF, UNE, DIN etc. The machine comprises a Cyber-Plus Progress (mod. C109M) data acquisition system and a multi-piston electric pump with variable flow (see mod. C114) driven by a microprocessor (reliable and noiseless system, also for intensive and extended use).

Designed with the latest technology and an innovative PC-like touch screen system, employed to control and manage all sorts of automatic testing machines. To update or complete your compression and flexural testing machine on concrete and mortar (also on Non-Matest brands).

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 750W
Dimensions: 420x290x1120mm
Weight: 60 kg approx.

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  • More intuitive interface which simplifies the use of the machine (test begins after a few simple inputs)
  • Greater calculation ability and data visualization (on board charts and graphic print-outs)
  • High management capacity for the multilingual framework and international settings (date and time, decimal units, unit of measure).
  • Elastic software which allows the installation of new tests when desired.
  • Profile configuration manager
  • Configuration and calibration supervision of the analog channel
  • Alarms manager
  • Ethernet parameters configuration
  • International settings configuration
  • Hardware diagnosis functions
  • Functions for the software update and licenses
  • Execution of tests through parameters set up customization
  • Several levels of protection (passwords) to prevent the accessibility to the configuration menus by unauthorized staff.