Test Standard Category

C106 Flexural device on concrete beams

( Concrete )

  • EN 12390-5
  • ASTM C78
  • ASTM C293
  • AASHTO T97
  • BS 1881:118

Flexural device for two points and centre point tests on concrete beams

Equipped with two lower rollers, one of them articulated, and two upper rollers for third point tests.

  • Two fix distances between lower rollers: 300 and 450 mm
  • Two fix distances between upper rollers: 100 and 150 mm
It is possible to place in the centre only one upper roller for centre
point tests.
To perform the flexural test, this device has to be used with a concrete compression machine foreseen of low capacity measuring range (mod. C097-01, C097-02).

Dimensions: 610x200x320 mm
Weight: 27 kg approx.

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