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C129 Abrasion tester Boheme

( Concrete Aggregates-Rocks )

  • EN 1338:2004
  • EN1339
  • EN 1340
  • EN 13892-3
  • EN 14157
  • DIN 52108
  • EN 13748-2

This instrument measures a volume loss in a specimen under abrasion test and it is used in tests such as:

  • paving stones
  • concrete slabs
  • slabs made of natural rocks
  • natural stone slabs

The test is performed by positioning a specimen to be verified in a abrasion tester Böhme apparatus on the test track on which has been spread normalized abrasive; 

The grinding wheel is made rotate and the specimen submitted to the abrasive load of 294 N for a certain number of cycles. Before doing a test, establish the specimen’s bulk density by measuring weight and thickness. Perform the test for 16 cycles composed of 22 turn each, calculating at the end a worn as a average loss in volume and weight. The apparatus is basically composed of:

  • cast iron horizontal disc with a speed of 30 rpm and a diameter of 750mm furnished of a 200mm test track to position a specimen.
  • separate control panel with digital revolutions counter with automatic stop after preset revolutions
  • specimen’s holder
  • adjustable charger used to produce a force of 294 N ± 3 N on a specimen
Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1ph 800W
Dimension: 1500x1000xh850 mm
Weight: 320 Kg approx.

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Volume Loss under Abrasion

  • EN 1338
  • EN 1339
  • EN 1340
  • EN 13748-2
  • EN 13892-3
  • EN 14157
  • DIN 52108
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