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C138M Universal digital tester with microprocessor for load cells

( Concrete )

  • UNI 6326
  • DIN 51220
  • NF P18-411
  • ASTM E74
  • BS 1610
  • EN ISO 376

This user friendly menu driven digital display, connected to load cells (mod. C140 to C140-10 and mod. C142 to C142-08) allows to perform an accurate verification of the loads measured from machines under control and it allows to produce the corresponding certificate.
The instrument foresees three memorized cycle verification program composed of ten measurement each.
At the end of the test the unit automatically elaborates the stored value and displays:

  • Effective applied load
  • Measured load (over three verification cycles)
  • Average measured load
  • Accuracy in %
  • Repeatability
  • Relative readability
  • Max error
  • The tester’s accuracy is ± 0.5% of the indicated load.

The apparatus and all the accessories are contained in a strong and practical suitcase, immersion resistant with a depressurisation valve.

Power supply: 230 V 1ph 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 360x300x200 mm
Weight: 5 kg approx.

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  • EN 10002-3
  • UNI 6326
  • DIN 51220
  • NF P18-411
  • ASTM E74
  • BS 1610
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  • High resolution converter up to 24 bit.
  • Excitation at 5Vcc
  • Standard signals: feed + feed – (0V) signal + signal – and shield
  • Remote push button to facilitate the readings’ confirmation during the calibration and the execution of the cycle of verification.


  • Software administration up to ten load cells. It can be used one cell at a time, selectable among with the ones correctly configured and installed
  • Load measuring range: kN, kg, lb
  • Date of test and/or calibration
  • Linearization steps or polynomial
  • Digital filter of the first programmable order that is able to filter and settle the value acquired by the electrical cell.


  • Unlimited execution of verification tests
  • Code of the device under verification
  • Execution of the verification cycles according to the European EN Standards
  • Calculation of all the fundamental parameters required: repeatability and accuracy percentage error, residual error on the 0 point, maximum relative resolution and class of the device under verification
  • Sending all the data tests to PC, importable in excel - Direct USB printer connection
  • Administration of tests by Matcal software (accessory).


  • Visualization of all the device data of the selected cell
  • Date and time
  • Available languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, Polish (other languages on request).


  • To download to PC the results (accessory C155-10N)