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C299 Automatic grinding machine

( Concrete Aggregates-Rocks )

  • EN 12390-2
  • ASTM D4543
  • UNI 6132

The automatic grinding machine is designed to grind and polish concrete cube and cylinder specimens, blocks, natural stones, rocks, ceramic materials etc. Specimens are easily fixed to the table by proper locking stirrups (see accessories) allowing to grind at a time:

  • n° 3 cube specimens 100 mm side, or
  • n° 3 cube specimens 150 mm side, or
  • n° 2 cube specimens 200 mm side, or
  • n° 2 cylinder specimens Ø 100x200, 110x220, 150x300, 160x320 mm, or
  • n° 1 block with max. dimensions 390x250 mm

The radial mouvement of the head is equipped with end of stroke system, granting the fully automatic displacement in both directions. The column is completely protected against the abrasive dust. The vertical lowering of the grinding head is achieved with infinitesimal adjustments by operating on the top handwheel having 0.05 mm graduations.
The machine, made from rugged plate, is supplied complete with control panel, coolant/decantation tank (by water and emulsifying oil), motor pump, set of abrasive sectors, safety chip guard that when removed, stops automatically the machine.
The standard supply does not include the locking stirrups and the diamond sectors (8 pieces) that must be ordered separately.

Working base surface: 775x280 mm
Grinding wheel: Ø 330 mm
Vertical span width: min. 95 mm max. 380 mm

Power supply: 400V 3ph 50Hz 2700W
Dimensions: 1220x1080x1730 mm
Weight: 410 kg approx.

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