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C307 Accelerated concrete curing tank

( Concrete )

  • ASTM C684
  • BS 1881:112

This tank has been designed for accelerated concrete strength curing. It comprises a fully insulated double wall tank with cover, inside all from stainless steel, outside from steel painted sheet with an intermediate layer of insulating mineral wool. This tank can hold up to 16 cubic 150 mm side specimens; or 16 cylindrical Ø 150 mm.specimens; or 8 cubic 200 mm side specimens.

The test consists essentially in curing the concrete specimens with water heated by 3 electric elements of 1500W each.

Temperature range: from ambient to 100 °C . The separate control panel is provided with a thermoregulator, timer, pilot lights, main switch.

Inside dimensions: 910x660x680 mm
Overall dimensions: 970x720x900 mm
Power supply: 220-240V 1ph 50-60 Hz 4500W
Weight: 130 kg approx.

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  • EN 12390-2
  • EN 196-1
  • EN 1367-1
  • EN 12390-9
  • ASTM C31
  • ASTM C192
  • ASTM C684
  • AASHTO T23
  • BS 1881:112