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C375-10KIT Air and water permeability of concrete

( Concrete )

Air and water permeability of concrete FIGG TECHNIQUE

The ingress of air and moisture into the concrete can cause corrosion of the steel reinforcement and lead to a deterioration in concrete strength.
Therefore, a measure of the ease of movement of liquids and gases through the surface layer of the concrete is a better method of assessing the soundness and expected life of concrete than strength alone. Permeability is recognized as being the most important parameter in assessing concrete durability. The depth test is performed by drilling a hole 10 mm diameter x 40 mm deep, and plugged with a silicone rubber plug. An hypodermic needle is passed into the stopper; the water
permeability test is performed by measuring the time of absorption needed by the water introduced into the void by pressure. For the air permeability test, a vacuum pressure is created in the void, and the time needed to rise this pressure is measured. Surface permeability tests can be carried out by clamping a stainless
steel chamber on the smooth surface of the concrete. The equipment comprises: manual vacuum pump, digital pressure measuring system, stainless steel chamber for surface measurements, 25 silicone rubber plugs, clamping pliers, drill bits, anchors, accessories. The whole contained in carrying case.

Dimensions: 430x300x150 mm
Weight: 6 kg approx.

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