Test Standard Category

C405N Deflectometers, Swing-arm model

( Concrete )

Used to determine the deflection on bridges, ceilings or any suspended structure. Possibility to use the deflectometer in pressure or traction, and direct reading on the dial gauge.
Available in one or three sets, to be completed with dial gauges stroke from 10 to 50 mm.
One deflectometer set comprises:

  • Swing-arm with clamp for complete orientation in any position
  • Inextensible wire coil 20 metres long
  • Plumb weight
  • Carrying case.

Supplied without dial gauge to be ordered separately (see accessories).

Two models available:

  • C405N: N° 1 Set of deflectometer (without dial gauge)
  • C406N: N° 3 Sets of deflectometers (without dial gauges)

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