Test Standard Category

H010-01N Tensile/compression machine, Cyber-plus evolution control unit

( Steel )

  • ASTM C39
  • ASTM E4
  • BS 1610
  • NF P 18-411
  • DIN 51220
  • AASHTO T22
  • EN 10002
  • EN ISO 6892-1
  • EN 7500-1
  • EN ISO 15630-1

This tensile/compression machine is utilized to carry out tensile tests on steel reinforced bars from diameter 4 to 26 mm and flat max. 25x15 mm.
Horizontal and vertical daylights are now increased for easier specimen handling. It can also carry out compression tests on concrete cube specimens
max. side 150 mm and cylinders max. diameter 160x320 mm.
The new and sturdier four columns loading frame is overdimensioned to assure high stability. The loading piston, double action, is rectified and lapped. The piston is foreseen of an hydraulic max. and min. piston stroke’s security device, by avoiding any damage risk due to wrong manipulations of the unit. The heads holding the jaws are obtained from only one block of high resistance steel. The “V” autoclamping form allows a quick and practical churking of the specimen and the grips locking system ensures safe bar handling after failure. The machine is supplied complete with pair of jaw-holders, but without hardened jaws and accessories for tensile and compression tests, which must be ordered separately (see accessories).

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