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S052 KIT Prospecting and sampling kit

( Soil )

  • ASTM D420
  • ASTM D1452
  • AASHTO T86

The equipment, manufactured by Matest, comprises different augers, sampler and tools for soil investigations; the whole housed in a wooden carrying case.

The kit consists of:
S092-01 Auger head Ø 80 mm
S093-01 Auger head Ø 100 mm
S094-01 Auger head Ø 150 mm
S052-01 Dutch soil auger head, Edelman type, Ø 150 mm
S052-02 Gravel auger head Ø 50 mm
S092ASTA Extension rod 1 m long with “T” handle
S095 n° 5 extension rods, 1 m long
S053 Soil sampler Ø 38 mm complete with stainless steel sample tube Ø 38x230 mm, jarring link, “T” handle.
S053-04 n° 5 Stainless steel sample tubes Ø 38x230mm
S052-03 Plastic cap ends for sample tubes Ø 38x230mm (12 pieces)
S054 Hand extruder for sample tube Ø 38x230 mm
S052-04 Stillson wrenches (2 pieces)
S052-05 Wooden carrying case.

Dimensions: 1140x490x360 mm
Total weight: 50 kg approx.

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  • ASTM D420
  • ASTM D1452
  • AASHTO T86