Test Standard Category

S301-02 Triaxial load frame 50kN

( Soil )

  • BS1377:8
  • ASTM D2850
  • BS 1377:7

Avant-Guard is the new triaxial load frame specifically designed for advanced laboratories where maximum testing speed up to 100 mm/min is desired.

The expected variable speed range of this electro-mechanical machine makes it suitable to perform Unconfined, CBR and Marshall tests other than standard triaxial on soil specimens up to 150 mm diameter.
This heavy duty load frame has provision for automatic load or displacement/deformation control and employs new technologies to precisely follow the shape with elegantly rounded corners.
A touch-orientable display, front mounted, allows an easy and innovative control of the main functions and data acquisition.

The standard machine is initially set to run only the triaxial test. To add other tests, such as CBR, Marshall, etc., it is necessary to proceed with channels acquisition. This activation procedure is optional and can be done using acquisition and data processing firmware (code S301-05, to be ordered separately).

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