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S215A Universal multispeed load frame, 50 kN digital measurement

( Asphalt Soil )

The digital, touch-screen, computerized universal multispeed tester, is the ideal solution to perform the following tests:

  • CBR (California Bearing Ratio)


S212M Universal multispeed load frame 50 kN, touch-screen.
S212A Acquisition and data processing system up to 8 analogical/digital channels for load cells and transducers. Graphic and numbers visualization, processing and printing of the test results.
S337-34 Load Cell 50 kN capacity, complete with cable and connector.
S336-14 Linear Displacement Transducer 50 mm stroke, complete with cable and connector.
S305-05 Mounting device of the coupling pliers.
S335-15 Coupling pliers to hold the transducer.

Supplied without accessories for CBR, Marshall, Unconfined tests and Software, to be ordered separately (see accessories).

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CBR test

  • EN 13286-47
  • CNR UNI 10009
  • ASTM D1883
  • BS 1377
  • NF P94-078
  • AASHTO T193
  • BS 1377-4

Unconfined test

  • ASTM D2166

Quick triaxial test

  • ASTM D2850
  • BS 1377

Marshall stability

  • EN 12697-34
  • ASTM D1559
  • ASTM D5581
  • ASTM D6927
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