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B031N1 Marshall Automatic EN Compactor

( Asphalt )

  • EN 12697-10
  • EN 12697-30
  • BS 958:107

This ruggedly constructed apparatus automatically compacts the bituminous sample and stops off the motor after the preset number of blows has been completed on the automatic digital display counter.
The trip mechanism is structured so that the sliding hammer falls at the same height at every blow.
The mould is held in position by a fast clamping device.
The compactor includes a vibrated concrete base where a laminate hardwood block is mounted.

Total weight (Rod + Foot + Sliding mass): 7850 ± 50 g
Sliding mass weight: 4535 ± 15 g
Free fall height: 457 ± 5 mm
Blow frequency: 50 blows in 55/60 seconds.

The machine is equipped with safety door, conforming to CE Safety Directive.
When opened it stops automatically and cannot operate.
All moving parts are quickly/easily accessible for maintenance.
The compactor is supplied complete, except for the mould that must be ordered separately.

Power supply: 230 V 1 ph 50 Hz 300 W
Dimensions: 500x500x1890 mm
Weight: 220 kg

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