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B041-28 GAM - Gyratory internal Angle Measurer

( Asphalt )

  • EN 12697-31
  • ASTM D7115
  • AASHTO T344

This Gyratory Angle Measurer has been designed by MATEST to provide an angle-validating device which can be used by the operator to carry on the calibration of the Gyratory Compactor.

The device perfectly simulates an HMA specimen as it generates an equivalent tilting moment and shear force.

GAM can cover a wide range of angles, including the ones specified by EN and ASTM Standards.

The device allows to perform TOP and BOTTOM angle measurements as specified by the Standards; the average of the obtained values is then considered as the “internal angle of the machine”.

An Excel spreadsheet, which is supplied along with the device, is used for data acquisition and processing and provides the precise value of the internal angle according to the calculation procedure specified by EN 12697-31 (Annex-C) and AASHTO T344.

The spreadsheet allows to plot several graphs showing the measured data and it also provides some important indexes about the quality of the data.

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Gyratory Compaction

  • ASTM D6925
  • ASTM D7115
  • AASHTO T344
  • AASHTO T312
  • SHRP M-002
  • EN 12697-10
  • EN 12697-31
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  • High accuracy of the measured data.
  • Connection to PC through RS232 cable.
  • Three modes of data acquisition: Single, Partial or Complete.
  • Accuracy: more than 0.01°, as requested by the Standards.
  • Data processing is carried out by a specific spreadsheet, which also allows to creation of the final calibration certificate.
  • No need for a power supply since the device is battery-operated. Also, it has an energy-saving feature which automatically switches off the device if it is not being used for a while.
  • Final calibration certificate.
  • Stand-alone device (battery operated).
  • Energy saving with integrated automatic switch-off function.

The device is supplied complete with:

  • Two different rings to perform tests either with M=240Nm or M=425Nm
  • Upper and lower base plate
  • RS232 cable
  • Strong practical suitcase
  • Calibration certificate

Data are read by GAM and then downloaded (via RS232 cable) all together at the end of the measurements, with no need to connect the device to the PC after each measurement.

Possibility to repeat even just one of the measurements, and lately include it in the calculation spreadsheet.

Power supply: n°2 batteries 1.5V type AA
Dimensions: Diameter 150 mm, Height 115 mm
Weight: 5.6 kg