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C096N High Stiffness Flexural Machine, 360 kN

( Concrete )

This machine has been designed to perform different kind of tests, from the simple third/centre point flexural test on beams to the advanced FRC displacement controlled tests and energy absorption tests on sprayed concrete. The frame grants accurate results thanks to its high stiffness according to the international standards requirement and thanks to its high precision load cell measurement system.

Rollers are optional and must be ordered separately according to user needs.


  • 1 mm deformation every 200 kN.
  • Easy positioning of the specimen.
  • High precision loading cell.
  • Possibility to test any type of specimen: beams, flagstones, blocks, kerbs, FRC, slabs.
  • Graduated scales for an easy rollers adjustment.
  • Piston travel limit device.
  • Simple action piston with counterweights.
  • Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 750W

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