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B041M Gyrotronic - Superpave Gyratory Compactor

( Asphalt )

  • EN 12697-10
  • EN 12697-31
  • ASTM D6925
  • AASHTO T312
  • SHRP M-002
  • ASTM D7229

This Gyratory Compactor, entirely developed and manufactured by Matest, is used to simulate and reproduce the real compaction conditions under actual road paving operations, hence determining the compaction properties of the asphalt.

Such compaction is achieved in a fully automatic way, by combining the rotary action and the vertical resultant force applied by a mechanical head. The Compactor comprises a highly rigid steel frame ensuring excellent angle control.

Load is applied by an electro-pneumatic cylinder, servo-controlled by a precision pressure regulator; the height is measured by a linear transducer. Gyratory motion is generated by an eccentric high precision system allowing an easy set up with precision and constant angle of gyration.

Using the proper perforated mould, the Compactor is able to run tests also on cold emulsified asphalt mixture.

The acquired results are also employed in the investigation of volumetric and mechanical characteristics of the asphalt mix.

The machine is calibrated at Matest factory to the selected internal angle.

The touch-screen icon interface allows an easy set up of the parameters and an immediate automatic execution of the test, data acquisition and processing, graphics and file. A remote test control is available trough a dedicated software, provided in bundle.
Direct connection to Intranet (through LAN network) and Internet to establish a remote communication and receive an immediate diagnostic of
potential problems from Matest technicians, or for software updates.
Unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports, 1 SD card.


  • B041M: Gyratory compactor ASTM (STANDARDS: ASTM D6925, ASTM D7229 | AASHTO T312 | SHRP M-002), supplied with the internal angle set to 1.16° as requested by ASTM, AASHTO Specifications.
  • B041M EN: Gyratory compactor EN (STANDARDS: EN 12697-10, EN 12697-31), supplied with the internal angle set to 0.82° as requested by EN Specifications.
Power supply: 230V 1ph 50/60 Hz 1000W 12A
Dimensions: 640x500xh1050 mm (without worktop)
Weight: 240 kg approx.

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