Test Standard Category

A113 Skid resistance and friction tester

( Asphalt Asphalt Aggregates-Rocks )

  • EN 1097-8
  • EN 1338
  • EN 1399
  • EN 1341
  • EN 1342
  • EN 13036-4
  • ASTM E303
  • BS 812:114
  • CNR N. 105
  • CNR N. 140
  • NF P18-578
  • NF P18-575
  • NLT 174
  • EN 1436
  • BS 7976
  • EN 14231

The tester measures the energy loss when a rubber slider edge is propelled over the surface under test.
The release mechanism of the pendulum arm has an original solution reducing the friction to minimum for better accuracy.
The skid tester is supplied complete with

  • Additional incorporated scale for tests on Polished Stone Value specimens.
  • Rule, made of plexiglass, for sliding length verification.
  • Thermometer range –10 to +110 °C for surface temperature measurement.
  • Stool, wash bottle, bristle and tool set for machine use.
  • Carrying case.
  • Calibration Certificate conforming to EN 1097-8 or ASTM E303 (model A113-01).

The tester is supplied without rubber sliders that have to be ordered separately (see accessories).

It is supplied calibrated to meet EN Specifications.
On request the skid tester can be supplied to meet ASTM 303 Spec. (model A113-01)

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