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B044M-SET Cyber-Plus 8 Progress touch-screen

( Asphalt )

Cyber-Plus 8 Progress is an innovative control unit with 8 analogical/digital channels for acquisition and data processing. The colour touch-screen display gives an instant visualization of load and deformation, with a safety switch-off at max reached load and/or deformation.

Developed for the implementation and upgrading of any type of existing machines (even not manufactured by Matest) applicable to:

  • Marshall mechanical load frame mod. B042 KIT
  • CBR/Marshall 3 speeds load frame mod. S213-05N
  • CBR loading machine motorized mod. S211 KIT

Suitable to perform the following tests:

  • Marshall: EN 12697-34 | ASTM D1559 | CNR N. 30 | NF P98-251-2 | BS 598 :107
  • Iindirect tensile test: EN 12697-23 | ASTM D4123
  • Determination of the water sensibility of bituminous specimens: EN 12697-12
  • CBR test: EN 13286-47 | CNR | UNI 10009 | ASTM D1883 | BS 1377 | NF P94-078.
  • Unconfined test: ASTM D2166

B044M-SET is composed of:


       Unit for data acquisition. Power supply: 230V 1F 50-60Hz

  • S337-34   LOAD CELL

         50kN capacity, with high precision strain transducers, complete with cable and connector.


        50mm stroke, independent linearity +/- 0.1% complete with cable and connector.

All necessary accessories for fixing the load cell and transducer to the test machine, are provided. The system is calibrated and provided with a  calibration certificate, ready to use.
Every item can be ordered separately.

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Hardware specifications:

  • 8 independent channels available for the load cells or potentiometrics transducers or stain gages for load, deformation or displacement measurements;
  • Stabilized power supply of the analogical channels: 5 Vcc and 3 Vcc;
  • Control frequency: up to 1 kHz;
  • Nominal resolution: 24 bit;
  • Sampling frequency: up to 2 kHz;
  • Safety discrete On/off output;
  • Graphic display colour touch-screen;
  • Time and calendar system.

Firmware specifications:

  • Instant display of the load measured by an exstensometric cell.
  • Instant display of the deformation measured by 4 linear displacement transducers.
  • Visualization of the graphic display of the test.
  • Visualization of date and time.
  • Semi-automatic configuration and calibration of all transducers connected.
  • 20 steps lining that can be set by the enduser.
  • Automatic correction of the axis origin for CBR/Marshall tests.
  • Setting of all the parameters for test: alarms, zero threshold, endtest percentage, calculation parameters.
  • Time/date and language selection (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish).
  • Unlimited file for each type of test
  • Symbols of pushbuttons functions
  • Informative messages (planning alarms, load cell and strain transducer setting, etc.)
  • Printing of the results on the incorporated thermal graphic printer (accessory C127N). Transfer and management via Ethernet of the filed data or real-time.