Test Standard Category

H001B Universal automatic tensile testing machines

( Steel )

  • EN ISO 7500-1
  • EN 10002
  • ASTM A370
  • UNI EN 10080
  • EN ISO 15630-1
  • UNI 7676
  • ASTM E8
  • EN 15630-3
  • EN 50081-1
  • EN ISO 6892-1
  • ISO 5173

The Universal automatic tensile testing machines for steel is designed to meet requirements of works, laboratories and universities for quality control and research purposes. This system is suitable to test metallic round and flat rebars, to determine tension, compression, bending shear strength and to determine compression and flexure strength on concrete.


  • Hydraulic servo-controlled system regulating the load rate
  • Four thick columns and two lead screws grant high structural stiffness
  • Two different work spaces, the upper one for tension and the lower one for compression, bending and shearing, for a comfortable test execution
  • High precision load cell, class 1 according to ISO 376 standard, ensures accurate force measurement
  • Hydraulic jaws, for stronger clamping of the specimens
  • Integrated displacement photoelectric encoder
  • Movable lower crosshead with button panel for an easy machine operation and specimens positioning
  • Compression platens included for an easy machine calibration
  • Machine CLASS: 1
  • Power supply: 380V 3ph 50Hz (60Hz on request)

Models available:

  • H001A: 600 kN
  • H001B: 1000 kN
  • H001BS: 1000 kN (specially designed to perform tensile tests on wire strands - UNI 7676)
  • H001C: 1500 kN
  • H001D: 2000 kN

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  • Fully automatic test cycle with closed-loop digital feedback
  • Electronic control unit “Servo-plus Evolution” with Touch-Screen colour display, that runs like a standard PC based on Windows operating system for management and analysis of data, test results, graphs.
  • The Touch-Screen icon interface allows an easy set-up of parameters and an immediate test execution.
  • The machine can also be connected to a PC for a remote test execution through suitable Software.
  • Direct connection to Intranet (connection to a LAN network) and Internet to establish a remote communication and receive an immediate diagnostic analysis from Matest technicians, or for any software updates.
  • Unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports, 1 SD card slot, 1 RS232/485 serial port.
  • Possibility to select different languages.

The machine is supplied complete with loading frame, control unit, compression platens and hydraulic power pack for jaws closing, while PC, software, grips, printer and extensometers (see next pages) are optional and must be ordered separately according to the user needs.