Test Standard Category

C410 Windsor HP probe digital system

( Concrete )

  • ASTM C803
  • BS 1881:207
  • ACI 347

To evaluate the compressive strength of concrete in place with the penetration method. 

Non destructive test. It is fast, accurate and simple to perform. The five-minute test does not weaken the structure. Comparison between test results using this method and destructive tests shows a variance normally within 3% from each
other. The method requires a pistol-like device which is loaded with a small explosive charge and metal probe.The charge is precisely measured to give a consistent firing force. By pulling the trigger the probe is fired into the concrete.

Standard equipment consist of:

  • driven unit
  • digital measuring unit with memory for data storage to PC unloading
  • accessories and carrying case.

Probes and power charges are not included and must be ordered separately.

Dimensions: 500x400x200 mm
Weight :16 Kg approx.

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