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C435-01 Concrete water impermeability apparatus, 6 place version

( Concrete )

  • EN 13279-2
  • DIN 1168


This apparatus is used to determine the depth of penetration of the water into the concrete (impermeability) under known time and pressure.
The unit accepts concrete cubic, cylindrical or prismatic specimens having max. dimensions of 200x200x200 mm.
The specimen is put into the test chamber, clamped with suitable flanges with central screw and round gaskets.
A known water pressure is applied on the specimen’s surface for a known time, as requested by Standard, using a suitable air compressor (see accessory) having at least 5 bar pressure.
A manometer checks constantly the applied water pressure.
The apparatus is supplied complete with graduated burettes fixed on the front panel.
The water penetrated is measured by breaking the specimen, or by reading the water permeated through the graduated burette.
6 place version: The places can be used all-together at the same time, or one by one independently.

  • Dimensions:1400x750x1850 mm
  • Weight: 430 Kg approx.
NOTE: C435-11 is a dual pressure line to upgrade mod. C435-01.

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