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C108N Digitec - Two channels control unit, semi-automatic

( Concrete )

Two-channels computerised graphic display system to control and manage all sorts of semi-automatic testing machines, for acquisition, display, processing, printing and saving the test data and certificates, with software for remote control from PC.

Suitable to upgrade or complete your concrete or mortar compression and flexure testing machines (also from other manufacturers).
Supplied with an RS232 connection, the system can manage and process the data in compliance with EN 12390 Specification and the different International Standards, for the following tests:

  • Compression on concrete
  • Flexure on concrete
  • Splitting on concrete cubes and cylinders
  • Compression and flexure on mortar

The display shows date and time, currently applied load and single load, latest effected tests, pace rate control, rapid commands functions, configuration in use, analogue channel and activated alarm.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 260x250x210 mm
Weight: 4 kg


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  • 2 analogue-digital channels accepting sensors, transducers or load cells at 2 mV/V, allows the connection to two different compression/flexure frames.
  • Simple and immediate parameters set up and test execution, menu driven interface.
  • Rapid approaching, touching on and breaking of the specimen under direct pump control (Autotec C098N)
  • Automatic control of the pace rate (Autotec C098N)
  • Continue load display.
  • Breaking load detection.
  • Automatic elaboration of the specific resistance value. 
  • Permanent file up to 1000 tests and file of 100 different types of specimens.
  • Graphic display with high resolution: 192x64 pixels.
  • Selectable measuring force: kN, lb
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Turkish.
  • Class 1 starting from 10% of maximum value, on request from 1% of maximum value. - ± 0.5% load accuracy. 
  • Acquisition and data processing system at 24 bit, effective resolution: 17 bit.
  • Operator interface composed by 5 multi-functions pushbuttons; function ico ns shown on the display.
  • Different programmable safety devices for the machine or the specimen as the possibility to introduce a percentage of the maximum value reached during the text execution, thermal protection of the motor and different other settable alarms.
  • The firmware contains a memory of the most used specimens: area, weight, specific weight.
  • Possibility of personalization for special sized samples.
  • RS232 interface: it allows the data transfer during the test or the test results directly to PC (via Microsoft Hyperterminal) or the remote control of the system by means of the UTM2 software (accessory).